1955 Porsche 356 Pre-A Coupe - 2.2L Outlaw


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Wow factor
A beautifully retored and mechanically updated 1955 PreA that drives extremely well.
Production Year/First Registration
1955, early production
Exterior color as per Kardex/CoA
Adria Blue Metallic
Interior color as per Kardex/CoA
Red Leatherette
4-cylinder 2,2L 160 BHP
Number matching
Body: yes; Engine: No; Transmission: No


Beautifully restored and mechanically updated 356 Pre A Coupé with 2.2L 160BHP engine. We are offering, on behalf of our private client, a 1955 Adria Blue Metallic Pre A coupe. This car has had a full technical conversion by renowned German specialists. In 2020 Bienert Boxer Motors built a WR2.2 engine and installed a 741 transmission (full rebuilt and tall 4th gear added). The engine delivers around 160HP and over 200nm (150 ft-lb)

The body was restored over 15 years ago. a double oil cooler was installed in both front fenders, lines like the Carrera, drum brakes with air plates and racing pads, Sebring exhaust were all manufactured by Classic Boxers. Tecnomagnesio with Avon CR6 ZZ tires were installed too. The interior is completely original and in top condition. Coco mats, Simpson lap belts and sun visors have also been reinstalled.

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This car comes with

Body style  Coupe
Engine Not included
Transmission Updated to 741 transmission
Parts Car is complete
EU Import Duties fully paid
Delivery Located and registered in Germany
Available Immediately
Warranty None, sold 'as is'


Chassis #535** was completed at Stuttgart, Zuffenhausen early in 1955. It was original presented with Adria Blue body colour and Red Leatherette.

FIRST OWNER: Unknown – Purchase Date: unknown


Comment: No record of ownership is available. It is assumed the car spent part of its life in California as it was discovered there.


  • Body
    The body has been bare-metal restored over 15 years ago. It i in very good condition and presents very well.

  • Interior
    The interior is original, complete and in excellent condition.

  • Engine
    The original engine is replaced by a profeionally built Willhoit 2.2L performance motor, delivering 160HP and 200Nm (150 ft-lb).

  • Transmission
    The original transmission is replaced by an fully rebuilt 741 with a tall 4th gear and special shift linkage.

  • Roadworthiness
    The car is fully roadworthy (registered in Germany)

Category: 356

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