1967 Porsche 912 Coupe


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1967 912 Karmann Coupe with rebuilt engine. Original color Sand Beige.
Production Year/First Registration
1967, Day-Month
Exterior color as per Kardex/CoA
Sand Beige (6607)
Interior color as per Kardex/CoA
Black Leatherette (B)
4-cylinder 1583 cc, 95 BHP (616/36)
Number Matching
Body: N/A; Engine: N/A; Transmission: N/A


A beautiful Porsche 912 Coupe, built by Karmann in 1966 and delivered as a MY1967 car.

Concerned that the considerable price increase of a Type 911 with "flat" six-cylinder power plant over the Type 356 would cost the company sales and narrow brand appeal, in 1963 Porsche executives decided to introduce a new four-cylinder entry-level model. Like the 911 (original internal factory designation "901"), the four-cylinder 912 was originally known at Zuffenhausen by a number with a zero in the middle, but the "902" designation was never used publicly.

Compared to the 911, the Porsche 912 demonstrated superior weight distribution, handling, and range. To bring 912 pricing close to the 356, Porsche deleted some features standard on the 911. As production of the 356 concluded in 1965, on April 5, 1965 Porsche officially began production of the 912 coupé. Styling, performance, quality construction, reliability, and price made the 912 a very attractive buy to both new and old customers, and it substantially outsold the 911 during the first few years of production.

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Body style  Coupe
Engine Rebuilt, type 616/36
Transmission 5-speed 901 transmission
Parts N/A
EU Import Duties fully paid
Delivery From the Netherlands
Available To be discussed
Warranty None, sold 'as is'


FIRST OWNER: Unknown – Purchase Date 1967


Comment: No record of sebesequent owners is available.


  • Body
    Good condition with some paint blemishes and localised rust spots.

  • Interior
    Complete and in good condition.

  • Engine
    The engine have had a complete rebuild and is running strong.

  • Transmission
    Transmission is in good working condition.

  • Roadworthiness
    Registered in Nevada.

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